Plasma Pen

Plasma Accor Lifting without Surgery in Gloucestershire.

Treatments with the Aesthetic Cosmetic Corrector Plasma Pen is the gentle alternative to skin tightening/lifting surgery. The combination of pen and NF+ technology, currently makes the treatment unique, world-wide.

This is an especially gentle and low-pain procedure which achieves incredible, permanent results. Additionally, due to continued tightening after the treatment, we see further vast improvements, with plasma skin tightening.

This hand held device emits a small electrical arc from the tip of the pen without actually touching the skin.  This plasma arc vaporises the skin giving an immediate tightening effect to the surrounding skin.  These small points form scabs that drop off over the following week post treatment revealing a smoother and tighter skin.    It is suitable for lines and wrinkles, loose skin, scars, skin tags, warts, moles and pigmentation.  Skin tags will be treated instantly, whilst warts and pigmentation spots form crusts that will fall off within a few days.

Application Areas